Johannesburg Get Together, October 1997

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Left Right
Jeanne du Plessis
Mr Thomas (behind)
Nici Theunissen (Thomas)
Llewellyn Hutcheson
David Whall
Pam Edwards
Tony Toms (behind)
Peter Ritchie (seated)
Gerald Barrett
Joyce Pearson
Peter Erlangsen (behind)
Doreen Hinterleitner (behind)
Mr Ian Catt (behind)
Mrs Barrett
Emmy Bus
Hilliary Scott (Catt)
Mr Taylor
Trudi du Plessis
Neil Bjorkman (behind)
Mrs Dianne Bjorkman
Mrs Desiree Ritchie (seated)
Martin Coetzee (behind)
Mrs Freda de Jongh
Llewellyn Hutcheson's son
Gerda Bus (Mitchell)