Jonathan Clain (Sub-A 1949) now living in Minnesota, USA

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Jonathan Clain, pictured in Hawaii in 2001 with wife, Lorraine.

I wandered onto the Camps Bay School web page while surfing, and have consumed at least an hour reminding myself of names long forgotten, and photos which (usually) reminded me of that person, and often something about them. I do remember you [Gerda]! and many others. Victor Kaminsky was and is my good friend in Canada. Many others I knew well, and spent (too many) hours playing soccer and cricket with them on the Camps Bay soccer field. I was in the sub A class of 1949 for a few months, (and transferred to a school in Sea Point), but spent Stds 2-5 at Camps Bay Junior.Of interest the 1949 sub A teacher Miss Sank, (Mrs Sher) is my cousin, and now lives in Perth, Australia. I became a physician trained at UCT and in the USA and have been on the staff of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota USA for the past 22 years. I am married to Lorraine Zabow, who I met at Medical School, and we have three children.

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