CBS Seniors Reunion

The Big Day - 21st April, 2006

The Bowling Club

The Camps Bay School Seniors reunion on 21st April 2006 was very special for the 150 or so former pupils who attended the event at the Bowling Club. The clock was turned back 50+ years and by the time the day was over a lot of people were very hoarse!

It is hard to adequately describe the excitement and emotion of the occasion. Perhaps the best way of conveying the spirit of the day is in pictures. The following gallery is a collection of digital images, courtesy of several intrepid amateur photographers.


The success of the 2006 Reunion was in large measure due to the 150 or so former pupils who attended and had a great time. However, the event would not have happened at all without the considerable time and effort put in by a number of people. Particular thanks are due to:

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