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Updated Database
24/02/2023 Past Pupils by Surname and Class
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  Photographs - Miscellaneous
02/07/2006 Camps Bay in the Old Days
29/07/2006 Memorabilia / Miscellaneous Old Photos
29/07/2006 Class Photos Sub-A Pre-1950
29/07/2006 Class Photos Sub-A 1950 to 1959
11/02/2002 Class Photos Sub-A 1960 and Later
28/01/2008 Where are they now?

  Photographs - Cape Town Reunions
28/03/2002 1996 Reunion Pictures
  1996 Reunion Attendees
30/07/2006 2001 Reunion Pictures
  2001 Reunion Attendees
  2001 Reunion Invitation Letter
30/07/2006 2006 Reunion Pictures
  2006 Reunion Attendees
21/09/2005 2006 Reunion Invitation Letter

  Photographs - Johannesburg Reunions
11/02/2002 1996 Johannesburg Reunion (Dutch Club)
11/02/2002 1997 Johannesburg Get Together

  Personal Messages
2001 Expatriate Newsletter (requires Acrobat PDF Reader)
2006 Reunion Message Board

  News and Changes
16/07/2006 News & Change History

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