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Best Wishes - April, 2006

Phone calls to committee members.

All of these people say hello to their old school friends and send best wishes to everyone at the reunion.

From Kathy Harrison (nee Hedges)- 15th April, 2006

Email to Pam Toms (nee Edwards).

Hi Pam

Just a short email to wish everyone a happy school reunion, sorry I can't be with you but I have to go into hospital for a minor op on the 25th of this month and when the NHS says they have a place for you you take it as it could be a long time before being given another place. You will all be in my thoughts have a great day.

Regards Kathy (Hedges).

From Barbara Holden (nee Tyler)- 5th April, 2006

Email to CBS Reunion Support.

Hello there Nell,Pam and Gerda,

I would like to wish you all for the REUNION Party.

I attended the the old stone school, "way Back" when Mr Ramage was the Principal his son being Robin. Mrs Hounslo was a school teacher there, and I remember well ambling through "big Glen" ,up to the Round House, where we thoroughly enjoyed being entertained by her, namely scones,topped with jam and fresh cream.

I stayed in Central Drive next to Toenky Alan.

Best Wishes to all.

Barbara Holden ( Tyler ).

From Mary de Klerk (nee Ingle)- 23rd March, 2006

Phone call with Gerda Mitchell (nee Bus) in Sydney.

Mary asked Gerda to pass on her best wishes to her peers and pupils at the reunion in April.

From Marion Summerfield (nee Sacks) - 20th March, 2006

Email to Gerda (Bus) Mitchell.

Dear Gerda

Thanks again for the info sheet you sent re the reunion. Some time ago I did reply on email that I would unfortunately not be able to attend. This has not changed so can only send my best wishes to all I knew once at Camps Bay school and to say I am still happy in London with family and friends, well retired and busy with my extended blended lot of granchildren who now number 6 1/3 ie. 2 1/3 on my side and 4 on George's.

With all good wishes (and I will look at the web site) Marion Summerfield (was Sacks)

summerfield AT 21olc DOT co DOT uk

From Nici Thomas (nee Theunissen) - 12th March, 2006

Email to CBS Reunion Support.

Thanks so much for keeping in touch with the Reunion arrangements - much appreciated. Unfortunately I shall not be able to attend as we have other commitments at that time. Wishing you a wonderfully successful get together and lots of love to all who may remember me - especially Pam, Gerda and Ilse.

Kind regards, Nici Thomas (nee Theunissen)

kismet AT intekom DOT co DOT za

From Robert Lennox - 12th March, 2006

Email to CBS Reunion Support.

Thank you for sending Invitation, but will only be arriving Cape Town from UK on 11th May for a brief visit to family and then to see that our home in Durban is still ok. Enjoyed being at the last two (Cape Town and Johannnesburg) and would have liked to have been there. Been living UK for past 18 months.

Regards to all, Robert Lennox - Matric '65 & '66

LennRb AT aol DOT com

From Bob (Stanley) Buick - 7th March, 2006

Email to CBS Reunion Support.

Hello (G'day) from Australia to all attending. The Buick family moved from Northdean (Durban) 1945/6 and settled in Bakoven. I joined the Camps Bay Primary School in 1946 with my brother Errol signing on a year later. It was my class that first moved into the newly completed High School half way up the mountain without any playing fields and I with others used to catch scorpions and other wild game to amuse myself. If I recall correctly Mr Hush (aka "Bum Rush" seems to be a nick name I remember) and the Teacher Choir Master for the concerts in the Rotunda Hotel (Wilkinson I think) also moved to CBHS, that was 60 years ago, only seems like last years sometimes.

Now I am retired living on the Sunshine Coast 100 kilometres north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We sailed from Cape Town on Boxing Day 1954 arriving at Albany in the West Australia southern coast about the 4th of January 1954. I remained in Perth, WA, until eighteen and enlisted in the Australian army in which I served for over twenty years with tow operation deployment, Malaysia and Vietnam in the early and mid sixties. I wrote a book that was published about my service in Vietnam, involved with another that is now being processed for a war movie possible release in 2007/8.

My very best wishes to all on this anniversary and I'll raise a glass or two toasting good health and wealth whilst at Nuku'alofa, Tonga. An island Kingdom in the south west Pacific, located about 20 degrees South and 175 degrees West in the South West Pacific, north of New Zealand and East of Fiji. We, Bev and I, will be visiting our son Robert and family for the whole month of April as he is a manager with Westpac Pacific. Gerda can elaborate if she is there to read this email.

My health is good and if my future plans are realised I will return to Bakoven and Camps Bay for a visit in a year or two, after the movie advisory commitments are completed. So, to my class mates and friends especially a few I remember - Velma Kessel, Emma and Gerda Bus, Jean Moody, Gordon Verhoef, Hillary sorry lost the surname, and, all the others thanks for the memories and for the times I remember during the seven or so years we mixed at school, cubs and in general play.

Good Luck and God Bless, Stanley Buick

PS I have included my email address and web site for those who feel the urge to see part of my life.

bobbuick AT netspace DOT net DOT au

From Leonie Kaplan (nee Abrahams) - 15th March, 1996

Per a letter sent to Nel Latimer for the first Seniors Reunion in 1996.
(Leonie is now living in New York.)

Pictures linger in the mind - those perfect days in Camps Bay - the wide curve of the bay, and the long walk to and from school, up the never-ending hill to my home. Did it really happen? Was it real or just a fantasy? Dreamlike through the mind there drifts a lovely memory..........

The possibility of such a happy reunion has really excited me, and I am so disappointed that I will be unable to attend such a gathering a milestone on Life's winding lane that marks all the years gone by..

I will be away in the United States of America during this time to await the birth of my second grandchild. However, I am sending this note to express wishes for the best of health, good fortune and success and to tell you that my thoughts will be with you on this day, and I will keep the happy thought of a future reunion in view.

Best love, Leonie. Matric 1956.

jakleone AT juno DOT com

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