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Camps Bay School Centenary Celebrations - 2006

The three Camps Bay Schools jointly celebrate their Centenary in 2006. A week of organised events took place in May 2006.

Please contact Vivienne Ashcroft (Tel: 438-1507 or Email: ashcroft AT campsbayhigh DOT for more information, or if you have any queries.

Web Site Refresh (December 2005)

As part of a general refresh of the CBSR site, the background has been changed to include the site address as a watermark. Further cleanup and a few layout changes are planned. Watch this space!

Book of Memories Competition - Deadline 31st May 2005

A recent interesting article in the Atlantic Sun written by the present Rector of St Peter’s Anglican church (Reverend Margaret Fourie) mentions that St Peter’s church will be turning 100 in 2006. They are thinking of publishing a Book of Memories consisting of anecdotes, pictures and memories from people who lived in Camps Bay in "the good old days". The stories do not have to be about the church but simply about Camps Bay as it used to be before the major development started.

The Parish Council of St Peter’s has decided to hold a competition with prizes to gather in as much information as possible, and then to publish the book. Entries are to be in by Tuesday 31 May along with R25 entry fee and judging will take place from then until July. Prizes will be awarded at a dinner to be held in Camps Bay, and as many entries as possible will be included in the book.

If you would like to enter the competition, send your entry to Reverend Margaret Fourie (mfourie AT zsd DOT co DOT za)

CBS Reunion Web Site Address Change (November 2004)

The CBS Reunion web site now has a dedicated domain..

..which means there will be no need to change address again in the future.

CBS Reunion Web Site Move (January 2003)

The CBS Reunion web site has moved to a new location. For some time now, the total size of the site has exceeded the free web space provided by the site manager's Internet Service Provider and has had to be split across two locations, making the process of maintaining and updating much more cumbersome than necessary. The problem has been resolved by moving the complete site to a larger venue.

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